Tessa Smith and the Applejacks

Returning to the IpSwing stage for the second year running, we are delighted to announce that we are lucky enough to have the  fantastic Tessa Smith and The Applejacks performing for us again for 2019. There can’t be many Lindy Hop scenes that don’t know about Tessa,  her music reflects that she’s a keen dancer and is perfect to swing out to!

For those of you that have yet to dance to this great band, they are a Jazz and Swing band, specialising in music from 1920s – 1940s (and occasionally later).  If you want to see how good they are to dance to, watch the jam circle that formed last year!

Should you need any more convincing, then see what Ryan Francois thinks:

“Tessa Smith was storming at the Sunday tea dance! I would certainly recommend her and her band anytime. Her smart choices of songs at perfect dance tempos had a particular groove, that compelled you to stay on the dance floor with a warm feeling in the soul.”

Based in Leeds, they will be making the journey down the A1 to be the headline act on Friday 12th July. Tessa brought her family along to IpSwing 2018 with her son being a babe in arms, but hopefully he will be joining in the dancing in 2019!

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