Wake up and stretch

With the abundance of dancing and so many other activities going on throughout the IpSwing weekend, we thought it would be a great idea to help you to stretch out those active muscles and loosen off those stiff joints. So we are delighted that Helen, of My Life Physiotherapy and Pilates, has kindly agreed to do Pilates for Lindy Hop classes each day. These sessions are specifically designed to work on muscles most used in Lindy Hop and Swing. They also develop balance, strength, flexibility, and low back and pelvic control to prevent aches and pains. So don’t miss out on our “Wake up and stretch” sessions!

Helen will also be on hand to give individual advice for those that need it.

As well as enjoying her Physiotherapy and Pilates career, Helen is a dedicated fan of Lindy Hop and is on the dance floor, with a smile on her face, as often as she can!