Louisa Ravolta’s Swing Collective

Louisa delighted us all at IpSwing 2018 performing as part of the fabulous internationally acclaimed vocal harmony group The Spitfire Sisters. We are absolutely thrilled that she will be returning in 2019, but this time as Louisa Revolta’s Swing Collective. 

Louisa Revolta hails from Winchester and music is her passion performing professionally all over the world. She delights audiences with her Jazz singing, scat improvisation and vocal mimicry, plus her playing the alto saxophone.

An all-round musician, she teaches singing, saxophone and piano and has lead and arranged music for vocal workshops and choirs. So we can expect a fantastic performance from Louisa. The Swing Collective includes musician and composer Steve Christie on piano. 

She is one of the directors of Winchester Jazz Festival which was started in 2016 and is actively involved in facilitating jazz jams and writing songs for fellow artists.

Here’s and extract from Louisa’s latest album.